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Openfind has launched a free emailbox service called Mail2000 in the year 1998, there had been over 150,000 of users having our email box with the domain Since we have deployed and maintained a large-scale email for near 20 years, we have gained considerable experience in providing high availabilities and dealing with the growing capacity of both computing resources and storage.

All Openfind solutions have different options of deployment, including on-premises, software as a service, and hybrid of them. Nowadays enterprises embrace digital workplace for many reasons. For example, to keep tech-savvy young talents satisfied and do their job efficiently. Openfind’s ambition in recent years is to make these modern workers have great experience with our cloud tools and increase their productivities.

Whether digital workers are at home or at work, our cloud platform enables a mobile, intuitive, optimized and secure way to communicate and collaborate. Gartner says by 2022, more than 70% of enterprises will have moved to new types of cloud tools, we are now making best efforts to complete our cloud portfolio of next generation.

MailCloud Email Service

  • Providing latest, integrated features of most Openfind’s solutions
  • English, Chinese and Japanese versions are available

MailBase Email Archiving Service

  • Can archive emails from MailCloud, most on-premises mail systems, Microsoft Office 365 or the premium version of Google Apps.
  • English, Chinese and Japanese versions are available

SecuShare File Sync and Share Service

  • Comprehensive but friendly features for users and thorough, secure controls built-in for administrators
  • English and Chinese versions are available

MailCloud Messenger Instant Message Platform

  • Integrated with MailCloud service or on-premises version. Web, iOS and Android clients are available.
  • English and Chinese versions are available

Openfind cloud service combinations

  Economy / USD 2.99
Business / USD 3.59
Premier / USD 4.29
Storage 5 GB 5 GB 50 GB
Storage configuration flexible flexible inflexible
Enterprise-class checked checked checked
Mobile app checked checked checked
Instant message checked checked checked
Cloud storage checked checked checked
Email archive   checked checked

Additional Service

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP )
  • USD 1 per account/month
  • Including: delayed delivery, email encryption, convert attachments to cloud files, mail audit, personal information leak detection, etc.