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The figure above shows our portfolio of these solutions. Between the Internet and enterprise network, MailGates protects users from spam, phishing, fraud and scams, and virus. On the way of an email is sending out, with the MailAudit gateway, the management could inspect whether it contains sensitive information. The flagship MailCloud, a platform for communication and collaboration, provides cross-device, productive and efficient email experience. While MailBase preserves every email and provides profound features for e-discovery and supervision. It will be no sweat for administrators to manage the enormous archived data.

MailCloud_logoMailCloud Messaging System

The MailCloud messaging system is based on a proprietary big data mail receiving/sending core that provides a variety of access interfaces and a mail archival solution tailored to the customer’s needs. The system can be used and managed over a browser at any time, greatly reducing the cost of e-mail system deployment. Multiple security mechanisms provide effective protection against infected e-mails and spam, phishing e-mails, DoS attacks, and social engineering attacks to create a secure organizational messaging and communication environment.

MailCloud offers full IPv6 support and can run reliably on various types of virtualization platforms to cope with massive increases in mail traffic. It offers a next-generation online service designed to meet the high network traffic generated by cloud technology.

MailCloud has been selected by more than 10,000 local and overseas customers. It is a proven product with more than 10 million licensed users in the public sector as well as telecommunications, construction, financial and service industries.

Benefits of using MailCloud

  • Web management interface
  • Mobile email service
  • Security control

MailAudit_logoMailAudit Mail Audit System

E-mails containing all kinds of information can be thoroughly vetted using MailAudit to effectively intercept those that contain personal information such as name, birth date, contact details (e-mail, address, telephone etc.), financial information (credit card number, ID number), etc. Whenever abnormal information traffic or e-mails that may compromise sensitive information are detected, monitoring personnel are immediately notified and a full report is made available to the auditor. Normal e-mails are allowed to pass through while confidential business documents can be sent securely using corporate signatures, PKI encryption and ZIP encryption to the correct recipient.

Benefits of using MailAudit

  • Audit inbound and outbound emails
  • Comprehensive email auditing process to be set at any level of the organization
  • To handle quarantined emails with highly elasticity

MailBase_logoMailBase Mail Archive and Management System

MailBase Replication Mode makes the archiving of e-mails easy and requires absolutely no changes to the existing network structure and mail process. Its high level of compatibility with cloud mail and mail servers makes deployment fast and easy. Mail life cycle management can store archived e-mails on the local server, cloud service or other external storage media based on access frequency. If there are hundreds of millions of e-mails, a distributed architecture can be used to process all e-mails, speed up searches and carry out mail browsing and auditing tasks

Benefits of using MailBase

  • Hierarchical access control
  • Proprietary search engine
  • Disaster recovery solution

MailGates_logoMailGates Mail Protection System

The MailGates mail protection system is deployed in front of corporate mail servers. To provide users with comprehensive anti-spam protection, global and local samples are analyzed on the mail cloud to identify all e-mail attack behaviors and threats, provide real-time anti-virus protection, as well as automatic detection and filtering of spam.

The reliable and high-performance system environment, clear and succinct statistics reports and logs, as well as comprehensive and user-friendly administration functions with industrial-level mail management requirements. The MailGates mail protection system will continue to refine its mail protection functions and build the most secure, smooth and reliable channel for e-mail delivery and receiving.

Benefits of using MailGates

  • Complete host protection
  • High-speed interception for malicious emails
  • Readable graphical statistical and ranking reports

SecuShare_logoArkEase Pro Cloud Storage Platform

The ArkEase Pro cloud storage platform can create a secure sharing space that allows users within the organization to share files easily with colleagues or external partners. Recipients, passwords and expiry times can be set for each shared file. A file access history and AES level file encryption function are also available to support ransomware protection which can immediately detect malware and recover the infected files from the platform while keep on sharing file in ease method. The ArkEase Pro cloud storage platform can also synchronize files with designated devices so that users can access the latest files at any time and in any place. Keeping files up to date greatly boosts productivity.

Benefits of using ArkEase Pro

  • Access files at any time any place
  • Sophisticated anti–ransomware mechanism
  • Central management by administrators
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