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Over decades, Openfind’s active support has been widely appreciated by customers. The support includes advisory of deployment, customization, troubleshooting, and end-user help desk services.

In Japan, we have an important partner, a value-added distributor named Cybersolutions. Openfind delivers the quality-assured software solutions to Cybersolutions, and it distributes them to 50-or-so resellers. These channel partners help us deploy and maintain our email solutions for customers. Large enterprises may adopt on-premises systems or even larger enterprises like telecom or communication service providers may build their own cloud with our email solutions. The cloud services are for their customers or employees. During the deployment or the following maintenance, the teams from Openfind support these partners from Taiwan or sometimes on site.

In China and Taiwan, our product offerings are sold through direct sales, VARs and resellers. In China and Taiwan, our product offerings are sold through direct sales and also through VARs and resellers. There are over 200 channel partners in Taiwan deliver our lines of products to clients of various industry or different market segments. In Taiwan, 80% of the government agencies, 70% of the universities and colleges are clients of Openfind. These large organizations choose Openfind not only because of the superior cost-effectiveness or the practical and thorough functionalities but also because of our active support. The operating principles of Openfind are honest and responsible, it may be the reason why most clients appreciate us for our reliability.

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