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About Openfind
Openfind Information Technology, Inc. was established in January of 1998. Since the beginning, we at Openfind have dedicated ourselves to develop the fundamental technologies essential to Internet applications. We are the leader in providing businesses and Internet users with high quality software and services. Our product lines for business application include search engines, mail servers, mail protection and audit systems, mail archives and search systems. We also offer the Internet search engine and mail server for non-business users.
Openfind has tremendous experiences and expertise on search engines, Internet applications, as well as email communication. We also have developed large-scale information search and total solution for electronic mail system technologies, such as high efficiency large-scale information processing technology, telecom scale messaging platform, distributed network architecture and other related technologies.
Moreover, Openfind aims to open up larger overseas markets. At present, we have launched our products successfully into markets in Japan, China and Hong Kong. There are over 1,000 enterprise-level clients and 100,000 service subscribers all over the world.
Address : 4F, 222, Sec. 2, Nan-Chang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone : (886) 2-2369-7575
FAX : (886) 2-2364-8738