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Productivity, Benefits, and Your Smile
Aiming to solve the heavy burden of enterprise information management, Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) provides a deep thought to every component that can successfully optimize human resources.

By putting ourselves in both positions of supervisors and staff, OES simplifies search tasks and helps everyone achieve the mission with high efficiency.
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Boost your productivity
  Do you know your employees spend 30% of working hours on searching information everyday? With OES inside, your staff always find what they need to complete the task quickly; not only to shorten the searching time, but also to optimize the work efficiency.
Easy integration/Low deployment cost
  It is very easy to integrate OES, which costs the minimal budget to bring the optimal software performance. Moreover, OES "UI Setting" feature enables enterprises to modify search result pages to fit your corporate identity and create corporate image easily.
Cost-effective investment
  Understanding how serious enterprises concern the TCO and desiring to cut down the budget burden, OES requires few hardware investment while bringing stable and fast search service. Furthermore, OES is expandable according to enterprises' data scale; to increase the number of records, enterprises only need to upgrade the license.