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Productivity, Benefits, and Your Smile
Aiming to solve the heavy burden of enterprise information management, Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) provides a deep thought to every component that can successfully optimize human resources.

By putting ourselves in both positions of supervisors and staff, OES simplifies search tasks and helps everyone achieve the mission with high efficiency.
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User friendly interface
  No staff training is required to get familiar with OES. With AJAX programming, OES designed simple and friendly. The information is right on your fingertips!
Speedy search
  Even it is not urgent, an effective answer still matters. With Openfind search technology, OES can perform real-time index that allows users to search while indexing and find information in seconds.
Powerful search technology
  What if the keyword of your search is too popular to lead to the right target? For example, you want to search “couch potato” yet turns out numberless recipes? No worry with OES! OES provide advanced search capacity, it helps users search out data more quickly through detailed file filtering terms and output options search setting.In addition, 〝Fuzzy Search〞 function helps user to find out some words might be improper.Powerful search syntax
Full text/Attribute/Advanced search
  OES provides “advanced search”, it complete search functions offer file name, body, author, title, and date range search. It narrows down the search range effectively and points out the right direction leading to the target you are looking for.Full text