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It has always been a problem for out staff to find information. Also, when looking for related projects that dealt with similar solutions or devices, it was nearly impossible to find all relevant projects quickly. The result was often that people either spent too much time on re-creating a similar solution or spent too much time on searching for solutions in earlier projects. After surveying 20+ solutions, we found OES. It has so many attracting feature, like easy to install and maintain, and has a very powerful query syntax.
OES will allow us to quickly produce a list of documents when searching for specific project or device information that is often tucked away in obscure directory locations.

By Marcel Post, IT Coordinator, I S Systems Pty Limited

After a decade of testing document indexers, OES is the only one that combines the best features I found most useful on 7 other indexers!

By Mr. Rod Kendall, senior network administrator

We also surveyed Omnifind, but finally we still decide OES because of the ease of use, scalable, and low cost.  We will be using this on our Intranet as a document search tool.

By Salvador, Web Publishing Manager, Alzheimer's Association

We have 250,000 documents and they are scattered in different servers.  Users are always troubled with not being able to find the data they need at the moment.  After we implemented OES, the problem is solved!  By just entering the keyword, OES will retrieve useful materials with high efficiency.  Besides this, OES also brings effects on organization knowledge management.  We are looking forward that Openfind continues developing great products in archiving and searching.

By Chou Kuo Chen, MIS, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Ministry of Economic Affairs