Openfind Enterprise Search
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Basic Information
Interface Language: English , Traditional Chinese,
 Simplified Chinese, Japanese.
Index/Search Language: Multilingual

Basic Functions
1. Document Search
2. Web Search

Advanced Modules
1. Database Search
2. XML Search
4. DRM
5. Electronic Government Information Classifications and Indexes
6. OES Search API
7. SSO (Single Sign-On)
8. Pattern Search
9. PST/ MSG Search

Search Features

1. Multilingual Search
2. Multi Keyword Search
3. Support Special Characters
4. Personal Reference
5. Export Search Box
6. Search XML Data by Field
7. Cache Pages
8. Search Results Exclusion
9. Auto-Grouping Search Results
10. Tag Clouds
11. Single Chinese Word Search
12. Chinese Conversion Search
13. Fuzzy Search

Index Management
1. Real-time index
2. Dynamic index status display
3. Filter rule settings
4. Multi Scheduling
5. Synonym Management
6. Stop word Management

Account Management
1. MD5-Secured Password
2. NTFS Access Control Management

Document Search Management
1. Search Full Text of Multiple Data Types
2. Custom File Type Converter
3. UNC File Search

Website Search Management
1. Support Cross-site Fetch
2. Meta-tag Search
3. Support Cookie Header
4. Support Robots.txt Crawling
5. HTTP Basic Authentication
6. Proxy Server Management
7. User Agent Name Management
8. Failed-URL Audit

XML Search Management
1.Search All Text or Search by Field
2. Access Control List

System Management
1.Customizable Templates
2. IP Filtering
3. Online User Status
4. Snapshot for Search Result
5. IIS Configuration Tool

1. Hot Keywords
2. Query Reports
3. Hot Topic
4. No Hits