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Productivity, Benefits, and Your Smile
Aiming to solve the heavy burden of enterprise information management, Openfind Enterprise Search (OES) provides a deep thought to every component that can successfully optimize human resources.

By putting ourselves in both positions of supervisors and staff, OES simplifies search tasks and helps everyone achieve the mission with high efficiency.
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Powerful spider
  OES supports proxy, HTTP authentication, and filter rule…etc. With its powerful spider, OES is capable of crawling web pages automatically after some simple setting.
Comprehensive reports
  Only with detailed report in hand, administrators can perform well on information management. OES generates the most complete and detailed reports that can also be displayed graphically, including hot keywords, file type analysis, and query statistics…etc. Moreover, OES allows administrators to download the log file to see the complete operation records and perform further analysis, which helps administrators to monitor the system status in an advanced and constant way. Comprehensive report
Schedule setting
  This function makes administrators “set and forget” OES system. The schedule setting includes Status, Type, Settings, Last time and Next time. administrators only need to know how often the data needs updating and then set the index schedule accordingly; OES system will automatically execute the following tasks. Schedule setting
Easy customization
  OES "UI Setting" feature allows administrators to upload corporate logos and modify search result pages to fit its corporate identity easily. The modification includes the text style of Title, Body, URL, File Info and Keywords.Easy customization
Privilege control
  Free from the concern of information leakage, administrators can assign certain index to certain group/user under OES "Account Management" function according to enterprise policies. With the "Privilege Control" function, only the authorized ones have access to the index. Just by some simple steps, administrators can easily monitor and release right information to right person.In addition, 〝Pattern Search〞 helps administrator to list out all of the personal information such as ID or cell phone numbers in order to prevent those info leaked out. Privilege control
Multilingual search
  OES is a multilingual search system that allows simultaneous search for contents written in approximately thirty different languages, such as Western/Central/South European, Cyrillic, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic…etc. Wherever you are, whatever the language you use, OES is at your full service!Multilingual