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Q1. What is Openfind Enterprise Search (OES)?
  OES is a search system specially designed for the requirements of businesses; it provides a high efficient, cross-language, multiple-file-formats full-text search service to fulfill the needs for information integration and management within an enterprise. Through the use of network and Internet technology, documents and web information scattered among such a vast number of sites and servers can be instantly available to you with one mouse click.

OES integrated information search interface helps businesses to build an effective enterprise-wide knowledge management system to add value to information and make them easily accessible within the organization.
Q2. How to apply OES to enterprises?
Q3. How to count the license?
Q4. What operating system does OES run on?
Q5. What are the hardware requirements for OES installation?
Q6. Which document formats can be searched by OES?
Q7. What is Indexing?
Q8. How do I retrieve original data from the search results page?
Q9. Can I change the location of index data files?
Q10. How do I configure Default search index?
Q11. Which language does OES support?
Q12. Does OES Administration support any language other than English?
Q13. How do I get OES support?