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Key Features That Decision-Makers Should Look
For in an Enterprise Search Capability

There are a variety of capabilities that should be sought in
an enterprise-grade data management and search tool.

– Scalability to Deal With Growing Volumes of Data
Perhaps the most important capability for any data
management tool is the ability to scale to meet long term
demand for data retention and search. For example, if
each user in a 3,000-employee company generates 20,000
emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets and other
files each year; and if this data is preserved for five years, the
result would be the generation and preservation of 300
million documents. In many organizations, the number of
documents preserved could be more than one billion.
Consequently, any data management and search system
should be able to scale to meet current and projected

– Powerful Indexing Capabilities
A data management tool should have the ability to index
large quantities of documents and should be able to handle
peak demand loads. The system should have the ability to
index all necessary documents, including the content of all
emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files
and other files that the organization determines to be

– Easy-to-Use Search Capabilities
Search capabilities must be easy to use so that users will
employ these tools during the normal course of their work.
Ease-of-use is also important so that users require only a
minimum of training in order to obtain value from the system.

– Granular Search Capabilities
Any search capability should allow users to establish
granular search parameters so that only the desired
information is recovered from the data store. For example,
complex searches should be possible so that only the
minimum necessary content is returned to the user. This will
allow only the most relevant data to be returned to the user
instead of superfluous data that is not useful.

– Rapid Return of Search Results
Searching across millions of records needs to be very fast so
that users will derive the greatest benefit from the system. A
search capability that takes a long time to return results to
the user will not be employed often and will result in users
seeking other methods to find necessary data.

– Flexibility of Delivery Models
There is not a single delivery model for search and data
management capabilities that can be considered the ‘best’
solution, since different delivery models will provide specific
advantages that some organizations may consider more
important. As a result, it is preferable to be able to deploy
search capabilities either as on-premise software on inhouse
servers, as an appliance or as a hosted service. Each
delivery model has certain advantages depending on an
organization’s size, geographical distribution of its offices
and employees, budget and other considerations.

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