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2010/04/30 version 3.1.9 5142
OES 3.0 SP1 released.
New Features:
Add "Pattern search" as a new module
Add "Single Chinese word search"
Add "Fuzzy search"
Improve "Chinese conversion search" and add a custom dictionary interface for it
Add "Wildcard search"
Add JSON interface for "search API" module
Support PST and MSG as new index formats for DOC/WEB index. This is a new module.
Provide IIS 6.0/7.0/8.0 configuration tool
Support "Authenticated User" for search
Add a interface to support record's snapshot shown in the search result page
Use filter to execute the "group-by" function
2010/03/09 version 3.0.30 5057
Bug Fixed:
[Tag] delete the "temp rule info" together with a tag was deleted
Modify the moving index tool for new version
Add the "help" hyperlink for some administrative functions
fix search link on the login page
[Security issue] Add more check mechanism for the query input process
2010/03/09 version 3.0.29 5024
Bug Fixed:
[gateweb] Include the "winpagebot.exe" to the package
2010/02/08 version 3.0.28 4963
Bug Fixed:
[kernel] Fix the bug that the index does not be deleted when shrinking
Fix the error encoding message when installing with JP interface
Modifity the CES online help
[web module] After calling pagebot and encountered a 301/302 URL, the body will not be parsed and set fConv as TRUE.
[web module] If a CGI has no content-type in its http header, it will be treated as html to convert
2010/02/01 version 3.0.27 4928
Bug Fixed:
[kernel] Fix the bug that the content is empty in new recdb when shrinking
2010/01/27 version 3.0.26 4923
Bug Fixed:
[kernel] Fix that if there are severl parts in a index, it will fail when shrinking.
[web module] The urls that do not meet certain conditions in urldb will be marked as "i" when incremental indexing. This will avoid to crawl these urls repeatedly
[web module] Use kernel's key normalization function to normalize urls
2010/01/15 version 3.0.25 4898
Bug Fixed:
[web module] When the urls satisfy the below conditions, it will be marked as "i" for further incremental indexing
  - the status code is 200, but the robots meta is NOINDEX or not in mtime filter
  - the status code is 301/302
[Web module] Only use a complete URL (e.g., to process the link in js
[Web module] The url didn't encode when crawling web page via proxy
[Web module] Fix that when the base url has two ? characters will incorrectly re-organize the link url
[Web module] Remove the space character of the url link like http:// or https://
[DB module] Set index while creating the incremental table to enhance the operational performance
When the docconv to convert html, filter the control characters
2009/10/27 version 3.0.24 4796
Bug Fixed:
Fix the content in the compression file will disappear while incremental indexing
Fix the problem that the filter conditions can be added but can't be deleted
When the DMC was not used in DB index, the binary field will convert failure
When the "reserve Tag" option is on in DB index, not execute the escape action
Fix the problem of reserving the attribue in the field type in the DB module
Add the Windows Single-Sign-On function for the WEB module
Add setting the encoding based on the prefix of url
Make the iso-8859-1 as the default encoding while converting
Check if the index can do the compact action or not everytime after the incremental indexing finished
While crawling web page, Change the limitations that the time out is up to 600 seconds and the file size is up to 100 MB
2009/09/10 version 3.0.23
Bug Fixed:
Fixed the pages can't pass the accessibility approval.
2009/08/11 version 3.0.22
Bug Fixed:
Fix ORIS HTTP Server security loophole.
2009/08/05 version 3.0.21
Bug Fixed:
Fix the code issue in Message mapping table.
2009/08/04 version 3.0.20
Bug Fixed:
Resolve the issue of Web module parsing wrong segment under certain URL, causing information disorder.
2009/07/17 version 3.0.19
Bug Fixed:
Fix the issue with lost column information when query.
Fix the search setting issue on IIS.
Fix the of Big5 web page index issue.
Improve the safety check of preference setting.
2009/06/23 version 3.0.16
Bug Fixed:
Fix the failure to find problem in multiple-indices queries with different sorting order.
Fix the child-webpage non-refresh problem during incremental indexing in web index.
2009/06/10 version 3.0.15
Bug Fixed:
When XML shows 0 outputs, synonyms and histry are not shown.
Fix the browser issue on page transitions.
Adjust the tag cloud's font size such that the tags of equal number will have the same font size
Adjust the bot header in HTTP request under the POST.
Add "CacheTimeOut" to the Account System.
2009/06/02 version 3.0.14
Bug Fixed:
Recall to OES 3.0.12 kernel.
Add Import/Export function for OES 2.5 upgrade to OES 3.0.
2009/06/01 version 3.0.13
Bug Fixed:
Fix the server Processld issue on Win2k OS.
Fix XML output search history.
Fix the indexing deadlock issues.
Fix the failure problem exhibited during simultaneous open and delete files during query.
Remove timeout during the execution of indexlog.
Improved the speed of group query in kernel.
2009/05/19 version 3.0.12
New Features:
Add Japanese template to the search interface.
Add “Failed-URL Audit”.
Add “Tag Clouds” and “Auto-tagging”; users can edit the tag the search results.
Support ODF(OpenDocument Format).
Support pre-1970 search time format.
Add a new module “Single-Sign On”.
Bug Fixed:
Fix the “set tag lockin” problem in the kernel.
Allow individual group limit adjustment.
Fix “gatedoc ntfs.conf” and “ldap.conf” synchronization problem.
2009/03/11 version 2.5.10
Bug Fixed:
The queries from search API could not be counted and added into the report.
Fix the max query string length of the query box.
Fix the buffer size of LDAP bind user name.
Increase the query timeout value.
Add query.conf to dynamically modify the show record size during queries.

2009/02/02 version 2.5.9
Bug Fixed:
When multi-index simultaneously created multiple indexes sometimes caused orisserv to crash.
If searching through the search api without any filter condition, it will show incorrect title in the first data.
Allow empty query string in search api.

2009/01/15 version 2.5.8
Support new dublin core classification.
  - Support couples of classification codes in one metadata and separating each code by commas(,) or semi-colons(;).
Improve query report
  - Show more meta information (subject, author, company, comment, keyword).
2008/08/27 version 2.5.2
New Features:
More index/system reports
  - Hot topics reports
  - No hits reports
Support database source type
  - Support MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and other standard
  ODBC databases
- Support Oracle BLOB/CLOB
- Support incremental index DB
- Support SQL where condition filtering
- Database external file index and search
Support Shared Security
  - Support windows shared ACL
LDAP accounts can login to OES before synchronization
Support up to 100,000 accounts
Support up to 10,000 groups
improve query performance
Offer related terms in search result pages
Improve HTML parser to get more data
Always use command file to query the index
User can login OES with space password in LDAP account system
Guest will search all records in ACL mode
Use page control mechanism to get primary group's user
Use domain name directly to get primary group's user
Add the ACL file while the ACL option is on
Registration is not restricted to localhost only
Change default convert time from 60 sec to 300 sec
Update the image and description of online help
Auto-detect if the existing version need to convert the memory hash file during upgrading
New Features:
Offer search keyword suggestion
Support Microsoft Office 2007 file formats
Configuration file supports utf8 encoding with BOM
Add new parameter that enables users to modify cgi execution time
Improve the text code conversion of id3 tag
Bug Fixed:
  - Fail to highlight the search result when the body content is empty
  - Orishttp program hangs when failing to backup stderr.log
The indices shown below the search box is changed to index description rather than index name
2007/06/01 - Professional Edition Officially Released
New Features:
XML module
Support AD and LDAP
Support NTFS
Key file based license
Advanced search page that separates index types
Support 5 schedules per index
Support up to 10M records per index
Support up to 100 indices
Support up to 1000 users
Sort search results by author
Classify search results by time/file type/author
Support Window Vista platform
Upgrade of file text extractor, including PDF enhancement
No deleting duplicate files
2007/06/01 - Version 2.0.9
Sort search results by author
Classify search results by time/file type/author
Support Window Vista platform
Upgrade of file text extractor, including PDF V 1.7 support
No deleting duplicate files
Change license key generator
2007/01/16 - Version 1.2.5
Add real-time gateway.
Ability to configure index directory when creating new index.
Ability to manually migrate an index after creation.
Support pluggable file-type converter.
Support public templates in multi-templates setting.
Bug fixed:
  - Fixed data source filter bug.
  - Files within an archive(zip) are not removed when the archive is removed.
  - UNC crawling break resulted from access denied directories.
  - The last multi-byte character may be gibberish in the summary field of the search results.
2006/09/27 - Version 1.1.5
Add UNC support for win32.
Add multiple templates for search interface.
Add traditional Chinese on-line help.
Bug fixed on language shown in group management.
2006/06/29 - Version 1.1.1
Bugs fixed on preference settings and synonym queries.

2006/06/22 - Version 1.1.0
Add a log viewer for showing system logs.
Ability to detect robots meta-tags of NOFOLLOW and NOINDEX.
Ability of indexing HTML files encoded by:
- windows-1252 and iso-8859-15 (Western European)
- windows-1250 and iso-8859-2 (Central Europe)
- iso-8859-3 (South Europe)
- iso-8859-5 (Cyrillic language)
- tis-620 (Thai)
- windows-1257, iso-8859-4, and iso-8859-13 (Baltic)
- windows-1254 and iso-8859-9 (Turkish)
- windows-1253 and iso-8859-7 (Greek)
- windows-1258 (Vietnamese)
- windows-1255 and iso-8859-8 (Hebrew)
- windows-1256 and iso-8859-6 (Arabic)

2006/05/03 - Version 1.0.7
Keywords suggestions of English and Chinese homophones.
Ability of indexing HTML files encoded by:
- iso-8859-1 (Western European language)
- windows-1251 and koi8 (Cyrillic language)
Image files search function. OES now supports 15 file types, including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, DCX, EMF, JP2, JPC, PGM, PIX, PNM, PPM, RLA, TGA, and XPM. Searchable attributes include 'Title', 'Subject', 'Keywords', 'Author' and 'Comments' from EXIF.
IP filtering function to limit access to admin/search operation respectively.
Chinese version license file added to installer.

2006/04/04 - Version 1.0.3 Officially Released.